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Let Us Lead

by Serving Others


To promote the ideals of academic achievement, character, service and leadership.

ACHIEVEMENT - Recognizing and honoring high academic achievement
CHARACTER - Preparing young people for life and empowering them to be successful
LEADERSHIP - Developing the leaders of tomorrow
SERVICE - Demonstrating our motto: Let Us Lead by Serving Others

Club membership by invitation only

 Milan High School National Senior Beta Club Bylaws

Article I: Time and Place of Meetings 

The time, day, and place of meetings of National Senior Beta club will be announced with appropriate time to make arrangements to attend.  You are required to attend National Senior Beta club meetings and will only be allowed to miss three meetings total throughout the year. If you miss more than three, you will be placed on probation and will be removed from the organization if you continue to miss required events.

Article II: Standards of Membership 

Standards of membership in the Milan High School National Senior Beta club must conform to the general features as laid down in the National Constitution, and in all cases must be approved by the principal of the school. The grade levels from which members may be drawn are 9-12.  Sophomores through Seniors will be inducted into National Beta Club in the fall and spring semesters while Freshmen will only be inducted during the spring semester.

 All students must be performing at or above grade level in order to be eligible for membership. The academic requirements for membership in the National Senior Beta club are to have a 3.0 grade point average, no discipline issues, and maintain an A or B average in all classes after you are inducted into the organization.  Your grades will be checked at the end of each semester. If you receive a C in any class, you will be put on probation. If you cannot bring up the grade (for a year-long class), your membership will be revoked. If you receive a C in a semester long class, you will also be put on probation and your membership will be revoked if you receive any other Cā€™s after that point.  If you have behavior/discipline issues throughout the year, the situation will be reviewed by a case-by-case basis. Consequences for behavior could result in immediate revocation or probation of your membership.

The service requirements for membership in the National Senior Beta club are to complete 30 total hours of community service throughout the school year. This club is first and foremost a community service club.  Giving back and helping the local community is a high priority of this national organization. If you want to attend the Tennessee Beta Convention you must complete 15 total community service hours before you are allowed to go.  

Article III: Induction of Members 

The induction of new members into this National Beta club will be one of dignity appropriate to the ideals of the organization. Any pre-induction initiation activity must be submitted to and approved by the principal of Milan High School. It must not be of a nature to cause physical pain or mental embarrassment to the initiate. 

Article IV: Loss of Membership 

A member of this National Beta Senior Beta club may be put on probation or dropped from membership for the following reasons; 

  • If he/she is absent without a justifiable reason from three regular meetings. 
  • If he/she receives a C in  any class at the end of the semester
  • If he/she fails to attain at least 30 service hours without a justifiable reason.
  • If he/she develops a record of negative behavior 

If and when a member is put on probation, they have the opportunity to be added back on the active school roster. If and when a member is dropped from membership, a record of this action shall be relayed to the National Office of National Senior Beta immediately. If a member is dropped from membership because of grades, they do have an opportunity to be re-invited if they increase their GPA.  

Article V: Local Dues 

The local dues of this club of National Senior Beta shall be $40 for new initiate members and $20 for returning members. Local dues are used for buying supplies to help our organization with community service as well as events we will run or attend throughout the year. The cost of local membership in the club will be kept at an absolute minimum, so that no worthy student is unable to become a member for financial reasons.